A Sign From Bella

I remember a few days after Bella passed away, my mom called me. She told me that while she was out running errands, she found a single pearl on the ground by her car in the parking lot. She said that was going to be Bella’s way of showing us her presence. Today I went for my six week glucose test. I hate going to my doctor’s office. I hate the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach. The feelings that stem from the day I found out she was gone and that my life would be forever changed. As I walked up the walkway, I stopped to wait for Caleb. As usual he was lagging behind, just admiring the outdoors. I happened to glance down and in between the walkway and the rock garden there lay a single pearl. I instantly smiled and reached down to grab it. Maybe it was her way of saying, “Mommy, I’m here with you.”


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