My Husband

What can I say about my husband? Words could never express how I feel about him and what he means to me. But since today is father’s day, I can try to express how much of a wonderful father he is. Anyone can be a father, but it takes time, love and care to be a dad. I am so blessed to have him as the father of my children. Our children are even more blessed to have him.

He is such an intricate part of their lives. He knows when to play and he knows when to be firm. He does everything from change diapers, give baths, and say night time prayers. They always want to be with him and are so happy and excited to see him when he comes home. Whenever we are driving in he car they must say his name a hundred times. They love and adore him. In Aiden’s words, he is the best dad ever.

He is a great example to our sons on how to be a husband and father. He’s also a great example for our daughter in what to look for in a husband and father. He leads his family in Christ and is our protector and strength. This year is a bittersweet day for him. With the passing of our daughter about three and a half months ago, he has been such an example of grace and strength. It has not been an easy day for him. He has so much love for his children, that he aches for the ones that are not here with him. He is the father of five, four earthly children and one child smiling down from heaven. If she were here, she would say the same things as her brothers and sister do, he is the best dad ever!


2 thoughts on “My Husband

  1. Cole, I couldn’t agree more. Paul is a Godly husband and father. He is such a wonderful example for his brothers. I love watching him with the kids. He makes his mamma proud.

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