A Year Ago Today Part 1: March 2, 2011

What did my day look like a year ago today, Wednesday March 2,2011?

It started off with a visit to my diabetes specialist.  I was going weekly at this point in my pregnancy with Bella.  I was 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  Each week I would weigh in, download my sugar levels, get strapped up to a machine to measure her movements and heart rate, and then I would get to see my newest blessing on a 42″ flat screen TV.  Bella was pretty inactive that day.  The non-stress test took a little bit longer than usual.  Her heart beat was just as strong as the previous visits, she just wasn’t moving a lot.  She must have been really sleepy that day.  When the ultrasound tech came in we joked about how stubborn she was being.  We wanted to get a good profile pic of her.  We could see her heart beating strong and watched her practice breathing on her own.  She was getting ready to enter this world.  My diabetes specialist came in and we went over my sugar levels as usual.  She took a peek at Bella and then gave me the green light to set up my delivery date with my OB/GYN.  I was so excited!  That was probably the last time I would see my specialist before delivery.  Little did I know that would be the last time I saw Bella’s beautiful, strong heart beat.

I left the doctor’s office and headed to work.  I had asked my supervisor the day before if it would be possible for me to start my maternity leave a week earlier. I was so tired and swollen and moving at a MUCH slower pace.  So I was anxious for her response.  She called me around lunch time and gave me permission to work from home for a couple days before I started my maternity leave.  The next day, Thursday March 3, 2011, would be my last day at school before my 8 weeks of maternity leave.

That evening Paul took Cassidy and Aiden to church.  Caleb and I stayed home, so I decided to start getting the house ready for Bella.  Most of her things still remained in gift bags from my baby showers.  I loved the many shades of pink I had in the house.  The last two pregnancies were rough and tough boys with blue walls and blankets.  I opened up her new Playtex bottles and placed them on the bottle rack.  I took out her new clothes of various sizes and hung them up in the closet.  I organized her drawers with socks and onesies.  I opened all the bibs, burp cloths and receiving blankets and put them on the shelves.  I figured I needed to get her diaper bag ready since we would be going to the hospital soon.  I opened up a pack of newborn diapers and put a handful in the bag, along with some wipes, a receiving blanket, pacifier, and her “coming home” outfit.  It was a pair of pink pants, a white onesie that said “little sister,” a white headband and pink bow and pink socks that looked like ballet slippers.  I even put a couple of rattles in the bag, even though she wouldn’t be able to play with them for a while.  I anxiously placed the bag on the end table, so that we would be ready in a hurry.

I couldn’t wait til we brought our little girl home.


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