Paw Patrol (Puppy) Party

“Chase is on the case!”

I’ve heard my son repeat this line many times from one of his favorite cartoons, Paw Patrol.  When he asked for a Paw Patrol themed party I wasn’t surprised.  I spent many days and nights online, specifically Pinterest, to gather as many ideas as I could. I wanted his 5th birthday party to be a memorable one! Here are some pictures and ideas from his party…

Here are some of the centerpieces I created for the tables. Each table was color coordinated with the Paw Patrol cast member.

               IMG_20140927_115413663                       IMG_20140927_115348156                    IMG_20140927_115458185

A friend of mine created this awesome and delicious cake.


I created food labels for everything and each one had a pun to go with our puppy theme. The menu included “Bonewiches,” “Pawsta Salad,” “Pawtatoe Chips,” and “Hot Dogs.” A label by the napkins read, “Wipe Your Paws” and by the plates and cutlery the labels read, “Dig In!” and “Bone Appetite!”  As you can see the PB&J sandwiches are cut into bone shapes.  I used a medium-sized bone cookie cutter for those.

DSC_1111        IMG_20140927_115450705

For party favors I created “Doggie Bags.” I used brown paper bags and stamped them with small and medium-sized paw print stamps from Hobby Lobby. Inside was a variety of puppy themed treats from Oriental Trading.  We also had an “Adopt a Puppy” basket that contained small stuffed puppies, also from Oriental Trading, that children were allowed to pick from.

IMG_20140927_115440046_HDR               IMG_20140927_115433716

We had so much fun planning and bringing to life this Paw Patrol/Puppy party! It was well worth the many hours of planning!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Feel free to share my post and comment below with your thoughts and ideas on a puppy party!


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