Bunny Cakes

Easter is just around the corner, so here is a fun and adorable treat to make with the kids! Make these cupcakes for your family or to share with everyone as you celebrate Easter.  They cost around $5.00 to make and are simple and quick.

IMG_4008First you need to bake some chocolate cupcakes. I used the Devil’s Food cake mix for mine.


Next, you want to make some green icing. You can buy the green icing already made but it usually costs more or has a special flavor like lime.  So I just bought a can of vanilla frosting and added green food coloring to it.


When you ice the cupcake, don’t cover the edges completely with the icing. This will give the effect of “dirt” underneath the “grass.”  Once the cupcake is iced, you add a bunny Peep to the top along with some egg-shaped candies. I prefer the white bunnies and I used peanut butter eggs for mine.



Make sure you put enough icing on top, so that you can push the bunny and eggs into it, giving them a little bit more stability.


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Feel free to share this post or comment below with some of your favorite Easter treats. You can watch my video tutorial here! 


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