Struggles of a Mom

Recently I watched the movie, “Moms’ Night Out.” Have you ever seen it?  The movie is about main character Allyson, a stay at home mom of three, who desperately needs a night out with her friends to “unplug” from her daily life and distractions.  A planned night of fun turned into a night of disaster and is nothing what she had hoped for.  Although Allyson and her two friends lead very different lives, a common thread is shared by the three. That common thread, and theme of the movie, is about the struggles moms face not only when raising children, but the struggles that are self-inflicted as they doubt their self-worth and parenting skills.


There are so many times I question and doubt myself.  I wonder if I’m a good mom or doing a good job.  I question what my purpose in life is. I long for “girl time” and quiet moments to myself.  Am I the only one?  I mean if they made a movie about it, I suppose I’m not.  Then I wonder why that is.  Is it because we have set such high expectations for ourselves? Are we setting ourselves up for failure because we have this vision of what our home, kids and marriage should be like?

We also constantly compare ourselves to other moms.  We see what appears to be a well-dressed mom whose adorable kids are sporting matching outfits with monogrammed sippy cups and diaper bags.  Their hair and make-up is perfectly done as they push a stroller in four-inch heels.  But why do we do that? We don’t know their home lives, we don’t know what struggles they have faced or are currently facing.  Do we just want to believe that we are that much of a failure?

What are some of the struggles or emotions you face as a mom? Whether they’re about kids and parenting or about your self-worth and doubt, I’d love to hear about them.  Let’s open up a dialogue!


2 thoughts on “Struggles of a Mom

  1. Reblogged this on Happy Oiling and commented:
    Though I’m not a mom, I understand the challenges of being a wife, manny and running a business- I often feel like I’m not doing enough. So thankful for God’s grace and rest!

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