Bella’s Story

On March 4th 2011, I went in for a routine examination.  I was 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  One week before we were scheduled to deliver our baby girl Isabella,we discovered that her heart suddenly stopped. Two days earlier, she was alive and healthy with a strong heartbeat.  Everything was perfect.  Without explanation or reason, my husband and I delivered a stillborn angel on March 5th 2011.  The doctors have no answers.  They can only speculate that she compressed her cord and cut off her oxygen supply.  This is by far the darkest time in our lives. God gives us his mercy and grace to get through each day, which some are better than others.  We know that God has a greater plan for us and that all things work together for good.  Bella has already touched so many people’s lives all over the country, even in other parts of the world.  My husband and I desire to reach out to others and help those that have experienced such a great loss.  Although our sweet girl never got to open her eyes, she will have an impact in this world.  One day I will get to hold my sweet girl, but for now she rests in Jesus’ arms.

*If you are interested, my husband is a writer and you can view his page “Our Sweet Girl in Heaven” dedicated to our angel girl at*


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