Organize Your Coupons with a Coupon Book

This past month I ventured back into the couponing world.  I wanted to give it my all and the first thing I needed to figure out was how to organize my coupons to save me time and energy. One day while I was in Dollar Tree, I found some binder coupon inserts. So I decided to create a coupon book. Continue reading


Writing Wizard App Tutorial

So I created a YouTube channel and posted my first video today! It’s a tutorial on one of my favorite apps my son uses called “Writing Wizard.” If you have a young child or children, and they love to play on your Apple devices, I highly recommend this app for them! It’s educational and fun! Click below to watch my video.

Writing Wizard App Tutorial

Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to share or post comments below on your favorite apps for kids!

Give Bella a Voice!

Please do not overlook and take the time to read.  This is very important!!! This was written by my husband for a very important project. You can help!


Give Bella a Voice!.

Abraham Lincoln…What you didn’t know

What do you know about Abraham Lincoln? Probably what the rest of us were taught in school.  He was a poor child who lived in a log cabin and loved to read books.  He was our 16th president who fought to abolish slavery and was eventually assassinated.  His nickname was “Honest Abe,” whose picture can be found on the penny.  I know he is known for more than that, more important things, Continue reading

Summer Tutoring and Enrichment

Research shows that all students experience “brain drain” over the summer. Teachers typically spend four to six weeks reteaching things from the previous year. It’s very important that you keep stimulating your child’s brain so that they don’t “lose” anything. People often view summer as a time to take a break from school and anything educational. However, it could be somewhat damaging to your child. If anything, parents should continue their child’s education so that they can maintain, if not increase what they already know. They could have a greater advantage over other students in their class.

If you are interested in summer tutoring or enrichment for your child, please contact me. I am a certified teacher and currently work with students in grades K-8th. Together we can make a difference in your child’s life!