Struggles of a Mom

Recently I watched the movie, “Moms’ Night Out.” Have you ever seen it?  The movie is about main character Allyson, a stay at home mom of three, who desperately needs a night out with her friends to “unplug” from her daily life and distractions.  A planned night of fun turned into a night of disaster and is nothing what she had hoped for.  Although Allyson and her two friends lead very different lives, a common thread is shared by the three. Continue reading


Bunny Cakes

Easter is just around the corner, so here is a fun and adorable treat to make with the kids! Make these cupcakes for your family or to share with everyone as you celebrate Easter.  They cost around $5.00 to make and are simple and quick.

IMG_4008 Continue reading

Writing Wizard App Tutorial

So I created a YouTube channel and posted my first video today! It’s a tutorial on one of my favorite apps my son uses called “Writing Wizard.” If you have a young child or children, and they love to play on your Apple devices, I highly recommend this app for them! It’s educational and fun! Click below to watch my video.

Writing Wizard App Tutorial

Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to share or post comments below on your favorite apps for kids!