I Feel You


I remember March 10, 2011 like it was yesterday. It was the day we buried our baby girl. I particularly remember the weather. It was a sunny, cool day and the breeze was strong. The breeze was so strong that the beautiful flower arrangements we had at the gravesite kept falling over.  Continue reading


Capture Your Grief 2014 Day 6: Book

Words.  They have such power.  A gifted writer can stir up emotion and speak to your heart. Along this journey I have read many things, blogs, testimonies, websites, books, etc. I searched for something that I could relate to, something that would make me feel better.  And I did time and time again.  But the things I read were fleeting. There wasn’t anything I found that I would go back and revisit. Except for one… Continue reading

Give Bella a Voice!

Please do not overlook and take the time to read.  This is very important!!! This was written by my husband for a very important project. You can help!


Give Bella a Voice!.

Abraham Lincoln…What you didn’t know

What do you know about Abraham Lincoln? Probably what the rest of us were taught in school.  He was a poor child who lived in a log cabin and loved to read books.  He was our 16th president who fought to abolish slavery and was eventually assassinated.  His nickname was “Honest Abe,” whose picture can be found on the penny.  I know he is known for more than that, more important things, Continue reading