He Gave His Son

I never experienced pain like I did the day our daughter died.  It was completely unexpected and rocked our world to the core.  I felt as if my heart was ripped out of my chest and I didn’t know how I could go on.  I love each of my children with every part of me, even the one I hadn’t held in my arms.  I never imagined I would experience something like this.

As I sit here and prepare for this weekend’s Easter service, I am reminded of something. God willingly gave up His son. He sent His son to Earth to die, for our sins, for me. I know the level of pain I felt when we lost Bella, unexpectedly, without warning.  I can’t imagine the pain God must have felt when He gave His one and only son. He sacrificed His life so that we may be saved and have eternal life. He knew the death that He would endure. The torture and pain He would experience.  How hard it must have been for Him to deny His son’s request to take that burden away.

I don’t know that I could willingly sacrifice one of my children.  I love them more than words could describe.  But to know that God’s love for me is greater than that, is unimaginable.  My daughter, Bella, and His son, Jesus, dancing on streets of gold together, waiting for my arrival, is a vision so sweet and makes Easter that much more special to me.


Give Bella a Voice!

Please do not overlook and take the time to read.  This is very important!!! This was written by my husband for a very important project. You can help!


Give Bella a Voice!.

Abraham Lincoln…What you didn’t know

What do you know about Abraham Lincoln? Probably what the rest of us were taught in school.  He was a poor child who lived in a log cabin and loved to read books.  He was our 16th president who fought to abolish slavery and was eventually assassinated.  His nickname was “Honest Abe,” whose picture can be found on the penny.  I know he is known for more than that, more important things, Continue reading

I Will Carry You

No other song can make me cry like this one.  Written and sang by Selah, the song is a true account of one of Selah’s members, Todd and his wife Angie, who lost their baby girl at 32 weeks gestation.  They delivered a baby girl named Audrey who lived for two and a half hours.  She had many health conditions  and although they knew for most of the pregnancy she might not ever survive, they left it in God’s hands.  Like them, I had many plans for our daughter Bella.  I was looking forward to all the big bows, the pretty pink dresses and everything that entails a little princess. I longed to hold her and kiss her constantly, to rock her to sleep, to hear her little feet running across the house.   I loved her more than life itself, but there is someone who loved her more.  Continue reading

"The DON’T list": A grieving parents wish list (via pdstories)

My husband posted this today and it is something I have been wanting to do myself. So many times people don’t know what to say or do in a situation like ours. Honestly, I wouldn’t either. Hope it sheds some light into our world.

"The DON'T list": A grieving parents wish list One of the most asked questions after "What do you guys need", is "How can we help". I have compiled a list of things not to do when dealing with grieving parents. Of course, this is based on my own personal emotions, so I don't know that everyone's list would look the same. I figured I would at least give all the answers out there. For one, I want to eliminate the excuses others may have and secondly I want to help others know how to help others … Read More

via pdstories