I Feel You


I remember March 10, 2011 like it was yesterday. It was the day we buried our baby girl. I particularly remember the weather. It was a sunny, cool day and the breeze was strong. The breeze was so strong that the beautiful flower arrangements we had at the gravesite kept falling over.  Continue reading


Capture Your Grief 2014 Day 6: Book

Words.  They have such power.  A gifted writer can stir up emotion and speak to your heart. Along this journey I have read many things, blogs, testimonies, websites, books, etc. I searched for something that I could relate to, something that would make me feel better.  And I did time and time again.  But the things I read were fleeting. There wasn’t anything I found that I would go back and revisit. Except for one… Continue reading

Capture Your Grief 2014: Day 5 Journal

When we lost Bella I went online at night to find something that would comfort me. There were a lot of things that helped me, music, blogs, testimonies etc.  I thought if something someone else wrote could help me, maybe something I wrote could help someone else. I started this blog, “My Life’s Journey: Living with a New Normal” to share those thoughts. I don’t write as often as I want, but it’s here.  I pray something I write or share will help someone.


If you would like to take part in the “Capture Your Grief” project please visit CarlyMarie Project Heal.

Capture Your Grief Day 9: Music

Today’s topic for the Capture Your Grief project is music.  Music has brought me such comfort during my grief journey.   Hence the reason for my music page on this blog.  I wrote the following post three months after we lost Bella.   This song is so special to me…


Capture Your Grief Day 5: Memory

Those of us who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, don’t have the same types of memories as someone whose loved one lived here on Earth.  But we do have memories.  Our memories aren’t of a special occasion or milestone, but instead revolve around our pregnancy and the time we spent preparing.  These memories could be positive or negative.  Today’s topic for the Capture Your Grief project is “memory.” Continue reading