Give Bella a Voice!

Please do not overlook and take the time to read.  This is very important!!! This was written by my husband for a very important project. You can help!


Give Bella a Voice!.


A Year Ago Today Part 3: March 4,2011

What did my day look like a year ago today, Friday, March 4,2011?

That Friday was like any other day off. I woke up at seven, got the kids ready for school, dropped them off, and crawled back into bed next to Paul.  I usually slept in on my days off, that day was no exception.  While I slept until eleven o’clock, my husband tended to our youngest son Caleb and engaged in their normal daily routines.  I was awoken by a gentle kiss on my forehead and fingers running through my hair.

As I moaned and complained I rolled out of bed and got my things ready for a shower.  As I was taking my shower I remember thinking to myself that Bella wasn’t moving.  I even shook my belly thinking the movement would wake her.  I assumed she was still asleep and would wake up once I ate some breakfast.  After all, the ultra sound tech had a hard time getting her to move for the sonogram even after jiggling my belly to wake her that previous Wednesday.  As I sat down to eat my breakfast I still thought it was odd she wasn’t moving.  Normally when I ate something or drank something cold she would start to move around and react to the coldness.  I started to feel a knot in my stomach, but tried to comfort myself by thinking she must have still been asleep. She probably was awake when I was asleep and I just didn’t notice.  As I got up from the table I mentioned it to Paul. Continue reading

A Year Ago Today Part 2: March 3, 2011

What did my day look like a year ago today, Thursday, March 3, 2011?

It was a regular work day for me, but I had a little bit more pep in my step.  It was my last day at work before my maternity leave began.  I would work one more full day and then work from home to finish my progress reports.  I had to come back the following Tuesday so that I could hand them out.  My Principal asked a few times if I was coming back on Tuesday.  I reassured her I was each time.  I thought, “Maybe she is planning a surprise shower for me. Why else would she want me to come back?”  I couldn’t stop smiling because I knew I was getting closer to having Bella and I would be able to stay home and rest for a few days before she came. Continue reading

A Year Ago Today Part 1: March 2, 2011

What did my day look like a year ago today, Wednesday March 2,2011?

It started off with a visit to my diabetes specialist.  I was going weekly at this point in my pregnancy with Bella.  I was 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant.  Each week I would weigh in, download my sugar levels, get strapped up to a machine to measure her movements and heart rate, and then I would get to see my newest blessing on a 42″ flat screen TV.  Bella was pretty inactive that day.  The non-stress test took a little bit longer than usual.  Her heart beat was just as strong as the previous visits, she just wasn’t moving a lot.  She must have been really sleepy that day.  Continue reading

It Was Not Wicked for the Lord to Take Our Son

It Was Not Wicked for the Lord to Take Our Son.

This is a link a friend sent me.  Although our situation is a little different, it sheds light on our faith and what we believe in. Although we know all these great truths, it’s still hard for us to hold onto right now.